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As crim­i­nal defence lawyers, we offer you for­ward-look­ing and com­pe­tent defence based on years of expe­ri­ence at fair costs. In Cologne and through­out Ger­many, we will accom­pa­ny you through your court pro­ceed­ings as a spe­cial­ist lawyer for crim­i­nal law.


Professional advice and defence in criminal law

As a lawyer for crim­i­nal law in Cologne, we ensure your best pos­si­ble defence. Pros­e­cu­tion and court pro­ceed­ings not only cause great psy­cho­log­i­cal stress for those affect­ed and their rel­a­tives, but in extreme cas­es can also jeop­ar­dise their liveli­hood. Pro­fes­sion­al and fore­sight­ed advice from an expe­ri­enced spe­cial­ist lawyer for crim­i­nal law is indis­pens­able here. As crim­i­nal defence lawyers, we are at your side not only in our law firm in Cologne, but also nation­wide in ques­tions con­cern­ing indict­ment, search, penal­ty order and pre-tri­al detention.

Criminal attorneys in Cologne – Your nationwide law firm for criminal law

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    “He is to be advised that accord­ing to the law he is free to com­ment on the accu­sa­tion or not to tes­ti­fy on the mat­ter”
    (§ 136 para. 1 p.2 Code of Crim­i­nal Procedure)

    Depend­ing on the stage of the pro­ceed­ings, it is impor­tant to act quick­ly. If you have received an indict­ment, your lawyer for crim­i­nal law will apply for an exten­sion of the time lim­it set in accor­dance with sec­tion 201 of the Code of Crim­i­nal Pro­ce­dure, dur­ing which you can raise objec­tions to the open­ing of the pro­ceed­ings. If you have received a police sum­mons, we inform the inves­ti­gat­ing author­i­ty that no state­ment will be made before the files are inspect­ed. In any case, we apply to the pub­lic pros­e­cu­tor’s office or the court for inspec­tion of the files.

    The inspec­tion of files enables your lawyer for crim­i­nal law to gain a com­pre­hen­sive view of the evi­dence and to clar­i­fy whether and which mis­takes were made by the inves­ti­gat­ing author­i­ties and whether indi­vid­ual pieces of evi­dence can be used at all. Often, insuf­fi­cient instruc­tions to the accused, unlaw­ful search war­rants or oth­er pro­ce­dur­al errors are found in the course of the pre­lim­i­nary inves­ti­ga­tion. An indict­ment can also be invalid if the infor­ma­tion on the charge is so insuf­fi­cient that the offence can­not be suf­fi­cient­ly spec­i­fied in terms of time and place.